Interested in exploring Business, Finance, Sales, and Marketing? Resources & Organizations for Getting Involved!

Pursuing a career in Business, Finance, Sales, and Marketing can present a wide range of different options for careers, organizations, and professional development. Organizations large and small often seek out students interested in these areas to help them reach their business’ goals and provide aspiring professionals the opportunity to experience …

By Jennie Magnoli
Jennie Magnoli Jennie Magnoli
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Addressing the Wage Gap and Financial Challenges Faced by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

According to the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), there are over 50 ethnic subgroups that make up the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. A recent article on their website, “Fighting for Equal Pay for AAPI …

By Kristen Soprano
Kristen Soprano Career Consultant Kristen Soprano
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An Interview with DO Student, Sam Dion

Sam Dion (’20) is a first-year DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) student at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. During her undergrad at UConn, she studied Physiology and Neurobiology on a pre-med track. I had the chance to interview her to …

By Anusha Gopinath
Anusha Gopinath CLAS Career Ambassador Anusha Gopinath
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Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the NetWerx Mentorship Program

The Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation was established in 2017 by a man with the same name to provide students, faculty, and alumni proper access to various resources, education and mentorship opportunities, funding, and other innovation programs to help them unlock a new innovative perspective …

By Ben Kemp
Ben Kemp Ben Kemp
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Deepthi Varghese Success Story

Deepthi Varghese is a TD Module Engineer at Intel Corporation. Deepthi earned a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from UConn. “I am currently working as a process engineer in the dry etch module at Intel. My current role focuses on technology …

By Desiree Martino
Desiree Martino Career Coach Desiree Martino
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Voices of the Insurance Industry: Monique Ferraro, HSB Insurance

Voices of the Insurance Industry is an interview series where we get to know some of the most interesting and thought-provoking leaders in Connecticut’s insurance marketplace. Voices of the Insurance Industry is a collaboration between the Connecticut CPCU Society Chapter

By Faye Rooney
Faye Rooney Corporate Partner Relations Faye Rooney
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How a Religious Individual Can Approach a Job Interview

I hope for a day where individuals are not discriminated against for their religious beliefs, being in a nation that enumerates that right within our Constitution. However, that day has not come to fruition, and we still witness our peers …

By Ethan Couillard
Ethan Couillard Ethan Couillard
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Getting Involved in College

Employers seek well-rounded job candidates for their workforce. Students learn various skills inside and outside of the classroom during their college years. UConn has so much to offer beyond academics. Below are some examples of opportunities to explore.

Clubs & …

By Desiree Martino
Desiree Martino Career Coach Desiree Martino
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UConn Celebrates its First-Gen Students, Launches Chapter of National Honor Society

UConn’s population of first generation students have grown throughout the years, with first-gen freshmen being a quarter of the Storrs student body, and about half of first-gen freshmen contributing to the student population in regional campuses, UConn has seen an …

By Stephanie Reitz
Stephanie Reitz Senior Public Relations Associate
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Veteran Jobs: 6 Ways to Effectively Transition from the Military Into the Workforce

Veterans come with the soft skills employers value most, and many have backgrounds in technology, making them appealing to tech companies. Ex-military are typically forward-thinking and resilient, agile, good at teamwork and problem-solving.

By Kindra Cooper - Springboard
Bridging the world's skills gap through affordable, high-quality, online education.
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