Student Success Story: Boya Yuan

Boya Yuan

Major: Landscape Architecture

Class Standing: Senior

Internship: UConn Community Research & Design Collaborative

How did you become involved in this internship program?

I just spoke to my professor. The internship was an extension to a project in my …

By Brittney Austin
Brittney Austin Communications Assistant
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Practice Makes Prepared

There’s that old saying that “practice makes perfect” but in the job market, there’s no such thing as a perfect candidate. Given the complexity of the job market, the list of responsibilities in a job description, and the interpretations of …

By Michael Petro
Michael Petro Assistant Director, Internal Relations
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Dos and Don’ts for Parents – Involvement in your College Student’s Career Development

Entering college can be a little worrisome. Parents have concerns with safety, grades, tuition, and roommates among many other things, so it’s no wonder they want to be more involved. Encouraging independence will improve your college student’s chances for success …

By Pamela Zagami
Pamela Zagami Administrative Services Specialist
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Four Questions to Ask Yourself as a College Freshman

For many in the freshman class, it’s hard to think about the transition from college to career when you are still trying to figure out how to even be a college student. More than likely, a college freshman such as …

By Peter Carcia
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Developing My Personal Brand

A few years ago, I heard a young man speak about his father’s influence on the family. The father established expectations for his children, for them to behave and act a certain way when they left the house. He indicated …

By Beth Settje
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The time I heard “I was just a grunt”

Translating your experiences so that they are meaningful for an employer is a skill that all job applicants must master. When I meet with veterans or service members, it is not uncommon for me to hear that their military experiences …

By Eran Peterson
Eran Peterson Assistant Director, Career Coaching and Counseling
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How To Decline A Job Offer – by Kristen Faucon of

No matter what the reason may be, at some point you may have to decline a job offer or remove yourself as a candidate for a position. After going through the application and interview process, you have devoted a lot …

By Paul Gagnon
Paul Gagnon Career Consultant, College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources
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The Senior Dilemma: Graduate School or Job Experience?

As graduation looms ever closer, I have been forced to think about my post-graduation plans.  For me, as for many college seniors, the main consideration has always been whether to apply to graduate school (law school, medical school, etc.) immediately …

By Natalie Vieira
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Not Your Typical Résumé

A typical day in the office usually entails having some form of discussion around résumés. The résumé is at the core of what we do as Career Consultants. Keeping an eye on new trends related to résumés has become a …

By Jennifer Grunwald
Jennifer Grunwald Career Consultant, School of Fine Arts
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Where do you want to live when you graduate and get a job?

Where do you want to live when you graduate and get a job? There are many things to consider, such as cost of living, climate, or proximity to friends and family. If number of job openings is an important consideration …

By Polly Smith
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