How To Write Professional Emails… Like A Boss!


PLZ avoid text writing. FYI: Ur 2 good 4 that.

Write out each word and avoid typos and spelling errors. This may seem obvious, but it happens a lot, so make sure to proofread!

Make sure you’re using appropriate formality.

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Career Fair Preparation: The Elevator Pitch


The career fair is coming up soon and you might be a little nervous, especially about finding ways to quickly show employers and recruiters how valuable you will be to their company. Never fear! All you need is a concise …

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Looking For a Common Good Career?

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Are you the type of person who has always had a passion for helping others through volunteering? Possibly a business major who think that it is a company’s duty to give back in some way utilizing corporate social responsibility? Maybe …

By Erin Jouliot
Erin Jouliot Careers for the Common Good (CCG) Graduate Assistant Erin Jouliot
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Let Me Teach You How to Be a Teacher: How to Apply to NEAG


Applying into the NEAG School of Education as a sophomore at UConn can be a very exciting but also nerve-wracking time for many people. I know I personally applied 2 years ago and experienced a roller coaster of emotions throughout …

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How to Fund your Internship Experience


The cost of an internship can be steep at times, especially if taking it for credit. If a student uses a 529 to pay for college expenses, there may be ways to tap into the 529 when interning for credit. …

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5 Steps to Begin your Career Development


It is the beginning of your freshman year: new school, new classes, new friends…through all the excitement and change, make your career development a priority!

Freshman year is the perfect time to explore majors and careers, create a college résumé, …

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Networking with Phlebotomists? Why would I do that?


No, you may not be interested in learning the finer (and less painful) points of drawing blood, but attending a networking session with any group – parents, neighbors, roommate’s family – is valuable. First of all, it allows you to hone your …

By Lisa McGuire
Lisa McGuire Assistant Director for Corporate Partner Relations Lisa McGuire
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Are You Ready for the Career Fair?

navigating the career fair – international students-01

Are you an international student who wants some extra preparation and advice before the Center for Career Development’s October 2nd Career Fair?

Come to Making Your Best Impression: Navigating the Career Fair for International Students to learn how to prepare, …

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Make That Money


While internships are popular on campus, UConn’s Co-Op Program is a lesser-known opportunity that students can take advantage of to get full-time, hands-on learning while making money. That’s right, co-ops are full-time, career-related work experiences that are always paid.

Much …

By Ashley Browning
Ashley Browning Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations Ashley Browning
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Acing the Interview


If you’re terrified of any (or every) aspect of interviewing, you are not alone. Having to talk up oneself can be a daunting, and sometimes awkward task. But have no fear, the Practice Interview Team is here! Going into my …

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