About the Program
In support of Career Everywhere, the Center for Career Development is sponsoring a Career Champion program that will identify faculty and staff who are actively engaged in assisting students in determining and reaching their career goals. We invite you to participate in this program by completing this brief survey at any point during the semester so we can determine how the campus community is working with our students and acknowledge your commitment to helping students reach their career goals. This link will also be available on our website.

An Open House for those looking to learn more about the program or those who have already enrolled will be hosted monthly in the Center for Career Development, Wilbur Cross Building 201. You will be able to learn more about why you might want to participate, how you can make the most of what you are already doing around career, and ways you can deepen your knowledge and understanding of career decision-making.

Benefits to Becoming a Career Champion
In addition to continuing to help our students make more intentional career decisions and become more confident in their career plans, there are additional benefits you will find in being a part of the Career Champion program which include:

  • Invitation to Career Champion thank you events including late Fall reception and Spring Awards Breakfast where you’ll be recognized for your career-related work and contributions to Career Everywhere
  • Opportunity to learn from and network with other faculty and staff and the career center who are doing this work, to develop additional skills, knowledge and ideas that will help you help your students in the career space
  • Eligibility to be nominated for a special “Career Champion” award
  • Name/picture displayed on the Center for Career Development website
  • Name displayed on jumbo screen during the Career Fairs in Gampel Pavilion (starting Spring 2020)
  • Special invitations to Center events that feature employers and alumni
  • A letter from the AVP and Executive Director of the Center for Career Development to your supervisor (participate at least two semesters)
  • A plaque that recognizes you as a “Career Champion” (participate in at least 2 semesters and attend at least 2 Center for Career Development sponsored training sessions/discussions during that time)