5 Ways to Identify a Company’s Social Responsibility

vault be kind

For many Native American and Indigenous students, understanding a company’s sense of community and service is an important component in the job search. The below information from Vault provides tips for identifying and understanding a company’s corporate social responsibility.

Identifying …

By Jessica Buller
Jessica Buller Career Consultant Jessica Buller
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4 Benefits of Joining a Professional Organization for Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander Students


Professional organizations aim to support the professional development and interests of their members. They engage members by providing cutting-edge information, offering programs for professional growth and access to a strong network. These organizations are typically geared toward a specific industry …

By Mary Malerba
Mary Malerba Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations Mary Malerba
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How to Be a Better LGBTQ+ Ally at Work


The modern workplace is becoming increasingly more diverse. With the nation’s top companies advocating for diversity, equity, & inclusion, you are likely to find yourself working with people who may be very different from you. It is essential to be …

By Victoria
Victoria Victoria
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Digital Content and Digital Marketing – Two Types of Jobs That Are In Demand and Growing


As we all know, the world of work has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. While certain industries have been particularly hit hard in early 2020, the demand for some jobs grew. Do careers in digital marketing and content …

By Christina Badini
Christina Badini Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations, NYC Christina Badini
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Looking for an Internship? Why I Considered the UConn Career Center for Mine!

Career Intern Irene Soteriou

I first realized that I wanted to work at the Center for Career Development during my freshman year at UConn. I was a member of Law Society at the time, and the President of the organization was a strong, independent …

By Irene Soteriou
Irene Soteriou Irene Soteriou
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