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This page has been tailored to this specific community and common questions students have when exploring industry options. Browse this page for alumni to engage with, events to attend, student organizations to consider joining, internships and jobs to explore, and blog posts to deepen your understanding. Consider meeting with a career coach to discuss your values, interests, and skills – and how they might be best utilized in a particular field of interest. Meetings can be scheduled by clicking here.

Using Vault Guides for Career Exploration


It can become very overwhelming when choosing a career path. A million questions fly across your mind, but the most pressing question is “Where do I start?” A great resource provided to students at UConn are the Vault Guides. There …

By Amanda Idusuyi
Amanda Idusuyi Amanda Idusuyi
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Strategies for Determining a Career Path

A person walking down a tree-lined path

Choosing a career path is a big decision. It can influence a lot about your time at UConn and it’s something that well-meaning friends and family won’t stop asking you about.

While it seems like you are deciding what you …

By Kelsey Keefe
Kelsey Keefe Career Consultant Kelsey Keefe
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Finding a major that is “perfect” for you


Choosing a major field of study can be a difficult, stressful, and overwhelming decision, and today’s college student is under more pressure to “get it right” than ever before, given the high cost of college tuition. Students have much to …

By Monique Cooper
Monique Cooper Career Consultant Monique Cooper
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Turning Stress into Success

Stress Photo

The words “career,” “internship,” or “graduation” can bring up fear within many students. I, personally, know that although the idea of not having to study, getting paid, and being able to work on something you are passionate about may bring …

By Maura Oei
Maura Oei Career Intern Maura Oei
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Career Lessons from the Dark Knight Trilogy


Imagine coming across Batman’s resume; yes The Batman, the one who “Maintained the welfare of Gotham City by operating as the region’s number one crime fighter while holding a full-time chair position at Wayne Enterprises.” Now, your bullet statements probably …

By Amelinda Vazquez
Amelinda Vazquez Associate Director, Programming & Internal Relations Amelinda Vazquez
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