Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interview – You could be Vetted by a Robot during your Next Interview

artificial intelligence

Did you know that your next job interview could be an asynchronous, one-sided interview with a bot? Companies use artificial intelligence interviews regularly to quickly scan and cull applicants. Artificial intelligence evaluates answers to your questions and creates an employability …

By Desiree Martino
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American Indigenous Business Leaders Association can help you with school work and so much more!


Have you ever heard of the American Indigenous Business Leaders (AIBL) Association,  This is the ‘only American Indigenous non-profit organization solely dedicated to empowering business students in the United States.’  If you are an American Indigenous or Alaskan Native …

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What Transferable Skills Can You Gain From Church Volunteering?


Volunteering at your church is a great way to give back to your community and help you gain the skills you need to be successful in any workplace. The transferable skills that you develop during your service will make a …

By Victoria
Victoria Victoria
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3 Best Practices for Virtual Interviews

Virtual Interview

During the current pandemic, virtual interviews have risen in popularity and most likely will continue to be a staple in interviewing for a long time. The ease with which virtual interviews are conducted is very attractive to many companies. After …

By Melissa Nowak
Melissa Nowak Melissa Nowak
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Internship Opportunities in Agriculture, Food, and the Environment with UConn Extension


Looking to get experience in the field and unsure where to start? Consider applying for a Summer 2021 Internship through the UConn Extension Internship Program in one of the many offered disciplines to get hands-on involvement and enhance your professional …

By Jessica Buller
Jessica Buller Career Consultant Jessica Buller
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