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Internship Interviews Dos and Don’ts

Acing an interview will get you one step closer to landing your dream internship. Here is what you should and should not do during your internship interview.

Do Plenty of Preparation

After you’ve set up a time for your interview, you should …

By Piyush Mangukiya
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From UConn to Developing During FoodCorps Service

FoodCorps is a nationwide team of AmeriCorps leaders who connect kids to real food and help them grow up healthy. Here, UConn alumna Jennifer Kruzansky shares her perspective on serving with FoodCorps in Norwalk, Connecticut.

As I sit in my …

By Jennifer Kruzansky
Jennifer Kruzansky FoodCorps Service Member
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Werk dat Body: 7 Tips on How to Use Your Body (Language) to Land the Job!

Body language is one of the most underrated parts of any interview, regardless of the fact that many interviewers say that what your body communicates to them is more important than any words you say. Fortunately, however, fixing your body …

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Networking 201: The Informational Interview

What’s an informational interview and why should you bother? The informational interview can serve many purposes and is incredibly valuable for any job or industry. You don’t know what you don’t know!

How did someone land their dream job? They …

By Lisa McGuire
Lisa McGuire Associate Director, Corporate Partner Relations Lisa McGuire
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Why go to the Engineering Career Fairs?

I don’t believe job or internship seekers should depend on “click here to apply” as the beginning, middle, and end of their search for opportunities. Anyone who’s met with me or attended one of my workshops has heard me go …

By John Bau
John Bau Career Consultant, School of Engineering John Bau
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