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Career and self-development are life-long processes that evolve as new experiences and information are obtained. Use this page to design your career and self-development strategically. Review the list of student and professional organizations and decide which opportunities best align with your career goals. Connect with a Husky Mentor to engage in career conversations that will expand your network and give you an on-the-job perspective. Explore your options by reviewing Job Market Insights and the UConn Undergraduate Outcomes.

Recalling the Past to Shape the Future: A Podcast on Environmental Injustice

Racial injustice. Health disparities. The environment. These problems of modern society appear regularly in the news and in conversation. Yet, they are often treated individually, as separate, unrelated issues.

Recent graduate Margaret (Meg) Sanders ‘22 (CAHNR) created a podcast to …

By Anna Zarra Aldrich
Anna Zarra Aldrich Agriculture Publications Specialist
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The Challenge of Pursuing Meaningful Work When You Need to Work | Interview with Lodro Rinzler

“Many of us are driven to have a meaningful career where we can put our skills to use in a way that makes an impact. But sometimes this desire can clash with the realities of the job market. And even …

By Caroline Contillo
Caroline Contillo The Challenge of Pursuing Meaningful Work When You Need to Work | Interview with Lodro Rinzler
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How one student’s experience with mental illness shaped her determination to help others through public policy

Amanda Brenner ’22 MSW has always been a dedicated and accomplished student – she makes good grades, won her college’s award for best undergraduate research paper, and received a grant from the Special Envoy for Health at the United Nations right …

By Jaclyn Severance
Jaclyn Severance News Writer, University Communications
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ICYMI: Plotting Your Path: Finding a Mentor Who’s a Good Fit for YOU

The Center for Career Development recently hosted a panel featuring 6 Black professionals discussing the benefits of having mentors. Among its participants were Brittany Yancy—an Assistant Professor of Humanities at Goodwin University, Harry Amadasun Jr.—an Underwriting Operations employee at Travelers, …

By Erik Zawodniak
Erik Zawodniak
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Student Success Story: Irene Soteriou

Irene Soteriou (she/her/hers) is a junior Cognitive Science and Statistics double major with a minor in Communication. We had a chance to discuss her virtual internship at Genocide Watch, a nonprofit organization dedicated to predicting, preventing, stopping, and punishing genocide …

By Lauren Deleon
Lauren Deleon Program Development and Marketing Intern
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