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Job Search Resources for LGBTQ+ Students

Across UConn’s campuses, there are numerous offices and departments available to support and guide LGBTQ+ students in their career search process and preparation.  Within the Center for Career Development, LGBTQ+ students can find strong and applicable resources and assistance related …

By Spencer Hayes
Spencer Hayes Graduate Assistant Spencer Hayes
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12 Tips for Making Your Video Meetings More Inclusive—So Everyone Feels Heard

In some ways, video meetings are a lot like in-person meetings. You get together, say hello, and get down to business. Unfortunately, that also means that the same biases that exist in physical offices can carry over into video meetings. …

By Jo Yurcaba - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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5 Resources to Help Native American and Indigenous Students to Succeed in College

While the number of Native American and Indigenous students on college campuses has increased over the last few decades, this fact only presents a fragmented understanding of the reality of these students in higher education. Even across the five UConn …

By Ayane Reis Da Conceicao
Ayane Reis Da Conceicao Profile Picture
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Helpful Podcast: AsianBossGirl

Tired of not seeing diverse, Asian-American experiences covered by mainstream media? Want to hear countless Asian-American professionals talk about their career journeys? Look no further than AsianBossGirl, a fun and enlightening podcast hosted by Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, and Janet …

By Erik Zawodniak
Erik Zawodniak Erik Zawodniak
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An Interview with Faith Sporbert

Faith Sporbert is an accomplished junior at UConn pursuing a dual degree in computer science and French, with a minor in digital arts. She has responsibilities and honors including being a Krenicki Scholar, Computer Science and Engineering Department UTA, Resident …

By Nishitha Edupuganti
Nishitha Edupuganti Nishitha Edupuganti
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