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During the academic semesters the Center for Career Development features weekly CLAS Blog Posts focused on topics of interest to CLAS students.  Industry spotlights highlight industries and careers pursued by CLAS alumni.  They feature alumni interviews, an industry overview, industry job boards, professional associations, relevant news articles, and research resources.  Major Spotlights include resources about CLAS majors, faculty and staff interviews, and sample job titles of alumni from that major.

Recent Industry Spotlights:

Employment Paths: CLAS versus non-CLAS Majors 

Majoring in CLAS opens a wide variety of career options to students.  This section will go over the differences between CLAS and non-CLAS majors in regards to career options, and highlight the best ways CLAS students can build the experiences employers and graduate schools are seeking from applicants.

 What Can I Do With My Major Pages

Not sure what to major in? Are you wondering how your major will connect to potential careers? Our What Can I Do with My Major guides include resources about CLAS majors, related career titles, UConn clubs and activities, and professional associations.


Career Pathways of CLAS Alumni

Researching career paths of CLAS alumni can be a great way to learn about different career options and expand your professional network.