Advice And Perspective From Friends Of UConn: Conversation With Colin Mansfield '09

Graduating from UConn in ’09, Colin Mansfield couldn’t land his “dream job.” The market still hadn’t recovered and he had always planned to graduate from college and move to New York City for a job in the stock market. Join Colin for a conversation about his career journey, making choices between personal satisfaction and a paycheck; how to capitalize on skills you’re learning in every experience; and how to view and make use of every experience in a positive way. In addition, Colin grew a strong network of peers in multiple industries, which has led him to have a diversified portfolio of people to turn to for ideas, advice, and career growth.

This is without a doubt a unique time to be graduating. You are heading into a work environment that looks much different than just six months ago. With so much uncertainty out there, we have asked friends of UConn (alumni, recruiters who cultivate UConn talent, and more) to share their experience and give some advice and perspective. This is a part of our “Advice and Perspective from Friends of UConn” series. Recordings of previous sessions can be found on our website.


Contact: career@uconn.edu

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