Major: Acting

Location: United States

Course; Grading DRAM 1282/3182; Satisfactory (S) / Unsatisfactory (U)
Course co-requisites; Grading: N/A; N/A
Possible number of credits: One – Six
Course prerequisites: Instructor and department consent required.
Minimum class standing and GPA: N/A; N/A
Academic work requirement: Practical work in all areas of dramatic arts, with emphasis on running crew assignments.
Can non-majors receive credit? No
Internship is a graduation requirement for
this program:
When course is offered: Fall and Spring
Additional Information: May be repeated for credit with a change in course content up to six credits.


Sample Internship opportunities for Acting majors:
Arts Organization Intern, Theater Administrative Assistant, Scenic Production, Assistant Director, Technical Director

Sample organizations where Acting majors have interned:
Cape Rep Theatre, Hartford Performs

Ways to find an internship:
Internships can be found on Handshake, or through online resources found at

For more information about internship policies in this department, please contact:
Kristin Wold, Director of BFA Acting Program

Vincent Tycer, Assistant Professor In-Residence

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