Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Location: CT, United States

Course; Grading: EEB 3891; Satisfactory (S) / Unsatisfactory (U)
Course co-requisites; Grading: N/A; N/A
Possible number of credits: One – Nine
Course prerequisites: Instructor consent required.
Minimum class standing and GPA: Junior; 2.00/4.00
Academic work requirement: Activities relevant to the practice of ecology, biodiversity, evolutionary biology, or conservation biology will be planned and agreed upon in advance by the job site supervisor, the faculty coordinator, and the intern.
Can non-majors receive credit? Yes; please see description, or contact major/department directly for possible restrictions.
Internship is a graduation requirement for
this program:
When course is offered: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional information: Paid internships are encouraged. Must have internship contract on file. One credit may be earned for each 42 hours of pre-approved work. May be repeated for a total of up to fifteen credits.


Sample Internship opportunities for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology majors:
Sustainability Institute Intern, Animal Behavior Researcher, Public Awareness Editorialist, Wildlife and Conservation Manager, Aquatic Research Assistant, Education Intern

Sample organizations where Ecology and Evolutionary Biology majors have interned:
Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Student Conservation Association/Forest Service, American Conservation Experience

Ways to find an internship:
Internships can be found on Handshake, or through online resources found at

For more information about internship policies in this department, please contact:
Sharyn Rusch, Academic Advising Coordinator
Biology Physics 101

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