Center for Career Development Faculty Fellow Announcement

The Center for Career Development is hiring a CLAS faculty fellow for Spring 2023 to further the Career Everywhere mission, which is to: 

  • Ensure that all students have the tools and resources needed for post-graduation success
  • Integrate career development methodology into every facet of a student’s experience at the University of Connecticut
  • Intentionally infuse career development into the UConn experience as a means to provide access and equity to career development for all students including underrepresented and marginalized populations

To help the Career Center, move toward creating a university-wide career-readiness culture that prepares all students for post-graduation success, some of the responsibilities of the first Career Center Fellow may include the following:   

  • Develop career content for courses and curriculum and facilitate training for faculty around integrating career into courses and curriculum 
  • Develop tools and resources to help other faculty members understand why talking about career in the classroom helps support equity in the career space
  • Partner with the Career Center in developing a robust faculty fellows’ program for fellows from each school and college
  • Collaborate with CLAS Associate Dean for undergraduate programs
  • Collect data on how faculty in their department are integrating career into their courses and curriculum
  • Oversee a department-wide project (your academic department) focused on career development

The position is for 5 hours per week and will be paid a stipend of $3,750 that can be used for research or professional development for the spring 2023 semester.  

Application Process 

The following materials should be submitted to  by Friday November 11, 2022.

  • CV 
  • Application Letter (1 page maximum) explaining your interest in the program, including what you’ve done within the career space via class and advising and what your interests are in working as a Career Center Fellow
  • Communication from your department head that they are supportive of this opportunity 
  • Application deadline: November 11, 2022
  • Interviews will be conducted in November