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The Center for Career Development
In an effort to honor the concept of “Career Everywhere”, the staff at the Center for Career Development is committed to partnering with faculty and staff to provide them with information, resources, tools, and referral language to help empower our students to identify and achieve their career aspirations. The staff at the Center for Career Development are able to collaborate with you via the following:

  • Tailored classroom and group presentations
  • Facilitate class assignments in résumé writing, interviewing, LinkedIn and more
  • Collaborate on ways to integrate career development into curriculum
  • Connect faculty/staff with alumni and employers for guests in the classroom or meetings
  • Partner on career events or programs
  • Request Career Center representation at staff or faculty meetings

Career Everywhere
  • What is Career Everywhere?

    UConn’s Center for Career Development has embarked on an initiative to establish a campus-wide culture of “Career Everywhere”. This model is based on the reality that students are not only seeking advice about their career aspirations and plans from the staff at the career center, but rather in every aspect of their lives as students. Career Everywhere helps to ensure that everyone a student may interact with regarding career readiness is equipped with the tools and referral resources needed to create consistent messaging for all of our Huskies!
  • Why is Career Everywhere Important?

    Eighty-eight percent of freshman cite their reason for attending college is to get a better job, (Gallup/Lumina poll. UCLA, CIRP, Gallup/IHE). This makes it critical to ensure faculty and University staff have the resources and tools to provide sound career information and advice. Most Alumni say that they received more information from faculty and University staff than from the career center, which makes it imperative that the Career Center work closely with faculty and staff to provide the most up to date resources, trends, data and information to share with their students.

    2018 Strada-Gallup Alumni Survey “Mentoring College Students to Success”

    • • Eighty-eight percent of graduates received at least some career advice from either faculty or career services.
    • • Graduates are more likely to have received career advice from faculty or staff members than from the career services office
    • • While a third of graduates say they received career advice from faculty or staff often or very often, 22% say the same about the career services office

    Career Everywhere spreads awareness and integration of career readiness and career competencies more broadly across campus in a way that ensures consistent messaging to students. It also provides an opportunity to bring those members of the campus community together for training, discussions and brainstorming around career issues as they relate to UConn students in an effort to continue to learn from one another and provide more comprehensive and specific information to our students.

  • Career Champion Program

    In support of Career Everywhere, the Center for Career Development is sponsoring a Career Champion program that will identify faculty and staff who are actively engaged in assisting students in determining and reaching their career goals. We invite you to participate in this program by completing this brief survey at any point during the semester so we can determine how the campus community is working with our students and acknowledge your commitment to helping students reach their career goals. This link will also be available on our website.

    An Open House for those looking to learn more about the program or those who have already enrolled will be hosted monthly in the Center for Career Development, Wilbur Cross Building 201. You will be able to learn more about why you might want to participate, how you can make the most of what you are already doing around career, and ways you can deepen your knowledge and understanding of career decision-making.

  • Benefits to Becoming a Career Champion

    In addition to continuing to help our students make more intentional career decisions and become more confident in their career plans, there are additional benefits you will find in being a part of the Career Champion program which include:

    • • Invitation to Career Champion thank you events including late Fall reception and Spring Awards Breakfast where you’ll be recognized for your career-related work and contributions to Career Everywhere
    • • Opportunity to learn from and network with other faculty and staff and the career center who are doing this work, to develop additional skills, knowledge and ideas that will help you help your students in the career space
    • • Eligibility to be nominated for a special “Career Champion” award
    • • Name/picture displayed on the Center for Career Development website
    • • Name displayed on jumbo screen during the Career Fairs in Gampel Pavilion (starting Spring 2020)
    • • Special invitations to Center events that feature employers and alumni
    • • A letter from the AVP and Executive Director of the Center for Career Development to your supervisor (participate at least two semesters)
    • • A plaque that recognizes you as a “Career Champion” (participate in at least 2 semesters and attend at least 2 Center for Career Development sponsored training sessions/discussions during that time)
Partner with Us
  • Career Center Contacts

    The Career Center staff serve as liaisons to faculty and staff in all schools and colleges. Liaisons are not responsible for meeting with all students in a particular school or college due to the vast number of students in various schools and colleges and at UConn in general. Students can schedule appointments by using Handshake. However, if you as a faculty or staff member have questions, they can be directed to the liaisons below:

    Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES) Kelsey Keefe, Monique Cooper
    College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources Paul Gagnon
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Humanities and Social Sciences Kris Soprano
    Physical Life, and Behavioral Sciences Lisa Famularo
    Neag School of Education Ana Clara Blesso
    Ratcliffe Hicks Paul Gagnon
    School of Engineering Eran Peterson
    School of Fine Arts Kelsey Keefe
    School of Nursing Paul Gagnon
    School of Pharmacy Paul Gagnon
  • FYE and Honors UNIV Course Assignment

    The Center for Career Development is excited to work with you this semester, in collaboration with the Office of First Year Programs & Learning Communities, to introduce your students to the Center and our services through the FYE Résumé Writing Assignment. This assignment, which includes an in-class presentation and a group workshop, is an effective means for students to learn how to write a college résumé and develop a document that can be used as a developmental road map.We have made changes to the assignment to assist students with major and career exploration. While part I of the assignment will focus on résumé development, part II will allow students to self-select one of two workshops: Exploring Majors & Careers or Finding Opportunities. We believe the changes to our assignment will allow students to understand the importance of exploration and will help them with intentional major and career decision-making.

    If you would like to request to be part of this assignment, please click here. If you have questions about the assignment, please send them to careerpresentations@uconn.edu.

  • Request a Presentation

    To request a presentation, please complete our presentation request form. The form will prompt you to select a presentation from the offerings listed below. We ask that you please submit all requests at least three weeks prior to your desired program date(s). Please allow for three business days to process your request. Any questions regarding your request(s) can be directed to careerpresentations@uconn.edu.

    Presentation Offerings:

    • Career Development Overview
    • Résumé Writing Assignment (for first-year students)
    • Interviewing
    • Internships or Co-ops
    • Job Searching
    • LinkedIn
    • Networking
    • Résumés
    • Cover Letters
    • *Other (for custom presentations)

    *Our Other offering allows you to request custom presentations. At the bottom of the presentation request form,  you will find an Additional Comments box to specify your request.

  • Add a Career Assignment to a Course or Student Program

    A number of courses and student programs on campus integrate graded, extra credit or professional development career related assignments. Some suggestions include:

    • • Drafting a résumé, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile and have them reviewed by the Career Center staff.
    • • Attendance at a workshop, employer event or career fair and reporting on the experience.
    • • Conduct a Practice Interview using Big Interview.
    • • Develop an elevator pitch
    • • Using Vault or O*Net to research a career field of interest and write a reflection about what they learned and the pros and cons of pursuing that field

    We are happy to work with you to develop a unique career assignment for your students. Please reach out to your liaison for details.

    If you are planning to require that students get their work reviewed in the Center for Career Development, please contact your liaison by clicking here. This is extremely important so the Center can determine how much increased traffic will be coming through the office and can plan accordingly.

  • Share and Promote Your Own Career Events

      • We know that some departments host their own career related programs. If you would like some assistance or a chance to brainstorm with us, please let us know by contacting careerpresentations@uconn.edu.


    • We would encourage you to open up your event to students in all majors, schools and colleges which will help ensure strong attendance and allow the university to continue to promote Career Everywhere! You can send an email to careerpresentations@uconn.edu to share this information with our staff.
Career Coaching
  • What is Career Coaching?

    Career coaching bridges the gap between where your students are and where your students want to be, through a goal and action-oriented process. Students meet with a dedicated professional to discuss their academic and career related plans and are empowered to make decisions to help them move forward.
  • Career Coaching Topics

    • • Introduction to the CCD
    • • Exploring Major Options
    • • Career Exploration
    • • Searching for an Internship or Co-op
    • • Starting the Job Search
    • • Considering Graduate School
    • • Interviewing
    • • Personal Statements
    • • Résumé Critiques
    • • Cover Letter Critiques
    • • LinkedIn Consultations
    • • Professional Networking
  • What to Expect at a Career Coaching Appointment

    • • Discussion of topics in a private and supportive environment
    • • Action steps or resources upon the conclusion of the appointment
    • • Some topics may be resolved in one appointment, while others are better-suited for follow-up conversation
  • Schedule a Career Coaching Appointment

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