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Internships are work/learning experiences that provide a hands-on way for students to confirm choice of major and/or career in a way that is often more substantial than a part-time job. They may be linked to an academic department and/or done for academic credit. An internship typically lasts between two-four months, and may be part-time or full-time. Some are paid, while others are not. Start your search by viewing the resources below.

Internship & Co-op Guide

Both internships & co-ops are work/learning experiences that provide a hands-on way to confirm your choice of major and/or career while gaining practical work experience.

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Video: Finding an Internship

Are you interested in an internship or co-op but not sure how to get one? Watch this video to learn what an internship or co-op is and how to find one.

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Talk to a Career Coach

Bridge the gap between “where you are” and “where you want to be” through the goal-oriented and action-oriented process of career coaching. Meet with a dedicated professional to discuss your academic and career-related plans.

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Find internship and co-op opportunities posted by employers looking for UConn students.

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On-Campus & UConn Partnered Internships

A list of UConn departments as well as UConn partners that regularly host UConn students for experiential learning opportunities.

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Common Search Engines

A list of search engines that are commonly used to search for experiential learning opportunities that are categorized by industry/field.

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