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Business Skills

Accessing the following courses and trainings will expand your knowledge and skills in a variety of topics related to business skills including the ability to interpret data, build collaborative relationships, and prioritize and delegate work.

UConn School of Business Certificate and Advanced Certificate Programs

These certificate programs, including programs in Accounting, Digital Marketing, Project Management, and others, are offered online, at the UConn Hartford campus, and as a hybrid program, and provide further coursework for individuals seeking to gain specific knowledge in the realm of business.

UConn Department of Public Policy Nonprofit Management  Online Graduate Certificate

This four course certificate program provides skills to lead and manage a nonprofit, evaluate programs, manage resources, and use data to support a budget plan.

Business and Management Courses

These online courses cover a variety of topics around business and management.

Data Analysis and Statistics Courses

These online courses on data analytics and statistics range from an introductory to more advanced level.

Interested in learning more about business skills?

While there are many opportunities presented here, it is by no means an exhaustive list. Several websites, including edX, Coursera, Class Central, and Saylor Academy offer many additional opportunities.