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Research Industries & Target Companies

Building industry and company knowledge allows you to begin to identify the career sectors in which you feel you have the strongest fit, and to think strategically about making inroads into connecting with individuals who work for companies/organizations of interest.

Research organizations by reviewing their websites and utilizing social media (eg., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) as well as databases like Industry Information Research Databases.

Buzzfile Using BuzzFile you can access detailed information on virtually every company in the U.S. You can map and save your search results as well.
O*Net A Department of Labor website that utilizes a guided menu of job descriptors, industries, career clusters, in-demand industry locators and more to help you learn about career paths.
Vault An excellent tool for learning about companies.
Conduct Informational Interviews An informational interview consists of speaking with individuals in a particular career field or job of interest to gain a better understanding of the profession, the company, day-to-day responsibilities, and skills necessary for success.
LinkedIn Utilize our guide on how to utilize LinkedIn in your job search

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