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Reflect & Explore Possibilities

If you are interested in exploring your career options, or aren’t sure where to begin your career preparation, you will most likely find value in accessing the resources in the Reflect and Explore Possibilities section of the Career Engagement Model.

In this section you will find resources for:

Reflect on Values, Interests & Skills Explore Academic Programs & Careers Get Involved & Build Skills

You will know that you have Reflected and Explored Possibilities when you:

  • can articulate your skills, strengths, interests, and values.
  • can identify a few careers/job options that you would like to further explore or pursue.
  • notice which skills are most sought by employers hiring for the careers/jobs that are of interest to you.
  • have a plan of action toward gaining skills and experiences to be a competitive job candidate.
  • can check off steps you are taking to optimize your career preparation and future job search on the Career Prep Checklist.