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Get Involved

Resources for Getting Involved

Employers in industry and organizations look for involvement beyond your academic and research pursuits. Consider engaging in campus and departmental groups, pursuing experiential learning opportunities — like internships or fellowships, and becoming involved in professional or academic societies.

Resources for Getting Involved

Explore Campus Leadership Opportunities Become active with one of the many student organizations at UConn like the Graduate Student Senate (GSS), Graduate Employee Union, SAGE and other departmental graduate student associations. (Go here to check out the list of all clubs and organizations at UConn.)
Join Professional Societies Professional societies exist for every career and most academic fields. IEEE, APA, SMEI are examples of such associations. Many have both national and regional chapters, with reduced membership fees for students.

Resources for Building Skills

The National Association of Colleges and Employers identified eight competencies of career preparation that employers typically seek in job candidates. These competencies are: incorporate critical thinking/problem solving, oral/written communications, teamwork/ collaboration, digital technology, leadership, professionalism/work ethic, and career management, and global/intercultural fluency. Below are some resources to help you identify options for cultivating and enhancing many of the skills within the eight areas of competency.

Opportunities and resources at UConn to build core competencies:

Engage in Experiential Learning
One of the best ways to begin to understand if a career sector or career path is a fit for you, is to obtain knowledge and experience. Employers seek to hire individuals who have workplace experiences that complement one’s academic pursuits. To learn more about gaining experience and information go here.
3 Minute Thesis Take advantage of the opportunity to communicate your research to an audience that is not from your academic field. The 3 Minute Thesis workshops and international competition provide an excellent platform to hone your skills on conveying your research in just 3 minutes.
Post-Doc Data Blitz If you are a post-doctoral scholar consider participating in Post-Doc Data Blitz competition.
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning If you have never taught, or you would like to sharpen your existing teaching skills consider enrolling in some of the various workshops offered at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.
Center for Career Development Presentations Attend in-person and virtual career preparation and job search presentations that are offered by the Center for Career Development. Virtual presentations can be accessed through CCD On Demand.
UConn eCampus Explore Graduate Certificate Programs

External resources and sites to build core competencies:

Note:  Do your research to determine the credibility and quality of the external content and resources provided. 

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