Huskies @ Work Agreement

Thank you for agreeing to participate in Huskies @ Work, an Instagram program managed by UConn’s Center for Career Development. The goal of the Huskies @ Work program is to provide UConn students with a sneak peek at what it’s like to hold an internship, co-op or full-time job in a variety of industries, companies, and organizations.

During the course of one day, you will be featured on the Instagram account @UConnCCD. You will be able to showcase a typical day in your position and share advice with UConn students, as well as other who follow the Instagram account. Instagram posts can also be shared to the @UConnCCD Twitter account. You will not be entitled to any payment for your participation in the program. We thank you for your time and commitment.

Communication Expectations

Students and alumni who agree to participate are responsible for providing a minimum of five images to the Center for Career Development with captions that showcase the internship. For current students, a Center for Career Development staff member will be responsible for posting photos with captions and appropriate hashtags periodically throughout the assigned date. After establishing a participation date for Huskies @ Work, you will be contacted by a UConn Center for Career Development staff member via email to discuss any remaining questions you may have. A Center for Career Development staff member will provide you with a deadline in which you must submit at least five photos with captions via email. All photos should be sent to by the due date. Students are encouraged to contact Center for Career Development staff members with any questions or concerns at any time before their scheduled date of posting.

In certain cases, alumni may have the option to receive a temporary password for the day and post directly to the UConnCCD Instagram account instead of submitting photos via email. All photos and captions must adhere to the social media policies below. Any post that does not comply with these policy will be deleted.

Compliance with Social Media Policies

The UConn Center for Career Development Social Media Policy is simple – all posts must be appropriate and in some way related to your internship, co-op, or work experience. No inappropriate language, hashtags, or emojis should be used in photo captions. Some organizations have strict social media policies. For instance, an organization that works with children may have policies related to taking photos or mentioning children by name. Other organizations may rule against showing logos or products that are in progress. Before agreeing to participate, make sure you are aware of your organization’s social media policies. We strongly encourage discussing participation with your supervisor or the marketing team at your organization. During your participation in the program, you agree to comply with your organization’s social media policies.