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Hear from Huskies participating in internships and co-ops and recent alumni as they give us a sneak peek at their experiential learning experience or full-time jobs.

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Follow a fellow Husky for one day as they take over the @UConnCCD Instagram account. UConn students and alumni who participate in the program are able to give a behind-the-scenes view of what it’s like to work at a variety of different companies and organizations. Students who are currently participating in an internship or co-op experience are encouraged to participate.

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Past Huskies@Work Series 

Haley Taylor ’15, Design Intern at Pentagram

pentagram 1
Good morning NYC! Follow along today as Haley Taylor ’15 gives us an inside look at Pentagram
pentagram 2
This is the view from my desk! I love having an open work environment where it’s easy to share ideas and get opinions on whatever I’m working on.
pentagram 3
The office is packed with samples of everything from magazines we’ve designed, to color swatches, and books to look at for inspiration.
pentagram 4
Another fun thing about working in a design studio is that there are swatches of all kinds of interesting materials. This piece of rainbow film is my favorite find thus far!
pentagram 5
It’s easy to decorate a space when you spend all day making beautiful things! The wall on the mezzanine is covered in posters the firm has created through the years.
pentagram 6
This is my favorite conference room. There’s a big window facing Madison Square Park, but who could take their eye off of all those beautiful books?!

Chelsea Henderson ’17, Civil Engineer Intern at COWI Marine North America

I start off my day with almost a hour commute every morning.  Its tough sometimes, but I love my internship so it makes everything worth it.
I work at COWI Marine North America in Trumbull, CT. My job keeps me on my toes because I can be working on a small CT job one day and a huge NYC  job the next.
One of my favorite parts of my internship is going out in the field. Here is a yacht club in Westport. I visit this site every few weeks to monitor the wetland vegetation.
When I am not in the field I am in the office working on federal forms or using my knowledge from my classes to calculate various projects like bearing capacities of soil.
I love my internship because it can take me all over the map. There is no routine or a typical day. Here is a photo from the Fulton Fish Market I am currently working on.

Nora McNeil ’16,  Intern at Middlesex United Way 

Good morning from Middletown, CT! Thanks for joining me today to see my internship with @Middlesex_UW
Live United is more than a saying. It’s a credo. A mission. A goal. @Middlesex_UW is a non-profit that works to address the root causes of social problems in Middlesex County, CT.
Doing work that focuses on social issues in my home state is especially interesting and rewarding. My main work involves analyses of the ALICE Report. The report focuses on the roughly 25% of CT residents who struggle to make ends meet, but do not fall under the federal poverty level.
Sometimes non-profit work can be tough. You might not feel like you’re making a difference, and social issues you work on seem out-of-reach and beyond your control. It’s important to keep a healthy balance of practicality and hope. With a positive mindset, and a willingness to work hard for the cause, you can make a difference.

Savannah Smith ’18,  Intern at Yale ITS

Good morning from Yale ITS! This is the building I work in. Follow along today as I take you on a tour of my internship.
This summer I’m a Technical Project Analyst Intern at Yale ITS. Here’s me at my desk!
The best spot to get lunch is definitely the food trucks at Ingalls Rink
In my internship I get a chance to interact with other college interns. We recently took a tour together of campus.
Today I’m in Yale’s Center for Engineering Innovation and Design. Here are some of the 3D printers.
Thanks for joining me at Yale ITS today @uconn! See you in the fall.

Arthur Atkin ’16,  Intern at Freedom House

At Freedom House I am part of the Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DME) team. It has been great working with such talented people
I love having gotten the chance to intern in our nation’s capital
My supervisor has been a great mentor to me during my internship. I’ve been able to learn so much from him and the whole staff this summer.
Thank you all for following along today at my internship with Freedom House. See you in the fall UConn!

Rachel Sarnie ’18,  Intern at Gensler

Hi! My name is Rachel Sarnie and I am a rising sophomore at the University of Connecticut, as a Digital Media & Design major. As a Marketing & Communications intern at Gensler in Boston, my walk to work from South Station is always enjoyable, thanks to the amazing Boston skyline around me.
Gensler is located at One Beacon Street, which is a 37-floor building with incredible views (the third floor view from my desk is pretty nice too). Gensler is an architecture, design, planning and consulting firm.
I spend most of my day utilizing my design skills by working on project proposals for the Marketing team. I’m also learning about PR, which is an entirely new field for me, by learning about effective email blasts and helping to submit Gensler’s designs for various awards. Thankfully, there is almost always food around the office for a mid-work snack.
he Gensler office is extremely collaborative, with tons of resources at everyone’s fingertips, such as the in-office library. Observing how the people here collaborate and combine their different skill sets has been fascinating. Each project is a convergence of architecture, interior design, research, presentations, marketing, graphic design, and public relations. Truly a team effort!
The MarComm suite is always buzzing. Throughout the day, Gensler employees from various studios and projects will come in to utilize the team’s design skills and expertise.
Leaving my internship each day, I get a last glance of the office’s funky interiors. I am eager to return to my Digital Media & Design classes at UConn in the fall with my new-found work experience and design knowledge.

Marcela Trocha ’16,  Intern at the Ragon Institute

Hi UConn! I’m Marcela and this summer I’m interning at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard doing HIV Research! I’m also taking over Instagram for the day to share some crazy interesting things I’m doing. Here’s me and my graduate student aliquoting some plasma to start the day!
Mr. Eppendorf keeps me company when I have to wait for long centrifuge spins.
Carina counts her cells in the TC room, always making sure to double glove and sanitize!
Summer student selfie from our lunch with Shiv, an incredible PI from the Ragon who gave us the rundown on immunology
Dream come true! Work let me know about the opportunity to attend TedXCambridge, where I saw innovators from my favorite city present!
Shaun and I show our Ragon pride at the AIDS walk Boston. We were one of the top raising teams!
Avery and I had some downtime so we decided to organize the -80 degree freezer
Can you spot the fraud?
BIG NEWS: MGH got ranked #1 hospital in the world so we got treated to free cookies! It’s an honor to work with such talented people in such an incredible place.

Ashlesha Dhuri ’16,  Intern at Schneider Electric

Happy Summer #UConn! My name is Ashlesha Dhuri (CLAS, ’16), I’ve been super busy completing a multi-part energy savings project, and learning as much as I can about the corporate world at @Schneiderelectric
Some mornings consist of meetings in the Vernerey Cafe. I’ve met with managers from Information Technology, Human Resources, Graphic Design…@schneiderelectric has let me explore all the resources available here.
Last month, all the employees in Information, Processing, and Organization (IPO), had a really fun potluck to mingle, share diverse foods, and report on department updates. My co-workers were easy to approach, and it was a great networking opportunity.
Last week, we had a company wide clean up day. We recycled old material, and wiped down all the cubicles. Schneider booked an ice-cream truck and all employees who participated got a free cone (I had a Sundae Cone-yum).
Schneider recently renovated the gym and let the interns help with the promotion of it’s grand opening. If we’re not exercising at the gym, we also have options to join the company’s volleyball league.
When we aren’t eating lunch in the beautiful courtyard, Austin (my work mentor) and I will eat in the cafeteria. We’re always surrounded by friendly people to talk to, and I’ve been so lucky to be here.

Thomas Binghi ’16,  Intern at People’s Securities, Inc.

Hi everybody! My name is Thomas Binghi. This is the People’s United Bank Headquarters in Bridgeport, CT. During my time here, I was able to shadow the various departments within the bank and learn from the firm’s senior leaders as well as working with the operations and compliance teams.
On any particular day you might find me sitting in an office like this where I spend most of my time organizing client files, answering the phone, as well as researching various robo-advising platforms. In addition, before our meetings with clients, my financial advisor would brief me on the objectives and strategy for each meeting.
This is one of People’s United Bank’s many Stop&Shop locations within the Northeast. Throughout the course of my internship I was able to travel with my financial advisor to over 12 different branches all over Connecticut! Traveling with my financial advisor to meet our bank associates as well as shadowing client appointments was one of my favorite parts of my internship.
This is all of the interns at People’s Securities Inc. We just finished our presentation to the firm’s leadership team on our strategy for future growth. We were rewarded with some awesome PSI swag and a cake to celebrate the end of a great internship. Thanks for following along!