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Presentations for your students

A full list of internship and co-op related presentations, career fairs, and other workshops for students can be found by viewing this calendar. If you would like a staff member in the UConn Internship & Co-op Program to present to your department, class, or group, please fill out the Presentation Request Form and provide the specifics you seek. It is possible that an employer will co-present with the Center for Career Development Staff Member.

Internship & Co-op Council

Faculty and staff who are designated to work with students in regards to internships & co-ops in their department are encouraged to participate in the Internship & Co-op Council. This group of faculty and staff meets two or three times each year to discuss issues on and off campus that are relevant to internships and co-ops. Email newsletters are periodically distributed a few times each semester as well.

To join the Council, ask a question, or submit a topic for a Council meeting, please contact Ana Blesso, Assistant Director for Experiential Learning at internships@uconn.edu.

Resources and References

Unpaid internships in the US are subject to scrutiny by the Department of Labor and the Courts. When offering an unpaid internship, employers are encouraged to be aware of the guidelines in the Fair Labor Standards Act or the 2nd Appeals Court, to ensure liability compliance.

UConn Faculty and Staff may be questioned by employers on these federal regulations or come across opportunities that seem questionable as legitimate or credit worthy. Questions on understanding these documents and reviewing quality internships may be directed to a staff member in the UConn Internship & Co-op Program for clarification at internships@uconn.edu or 860-486-3013.

An Experiential Education Affiliation Agreement is a document between an organization and the University of Connecticut. It may be used for more than one year; students and individual departments will also need individualized internship or co-op agreements for the specifics about the internship. Faculty and staff must work with department heads and University General Counsel, Contract Submission, regarding the process to complete and submit affiliation agreements for approval. Affiliation agreement templates created by UConn are below. Though the Center for Career Development Internship Staff can provide perspective and insight, specific questions about this process may be directed to UConncontracts@uconn.edu.