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Below is a list of UConn departments that have hosted interns within the last year. This list is regularly updated for accuracy, as well as adjusted when the CCD learns of a new opportunity. These opportunities may be paid, unpaid, for credit, or not for credit. Depending on department policies regarding payment, work-study funds may be used for UConn on-campus internships. For more detail about these on-campus opportunities, as well as how or when to apply, click on a department’s information sheet.

Don’t see a department on the list but want to intern with them? Think about a skill you have that can be applied to a project or task that department oversees. You can reach out to the department and ask for an in-person meeting to discuss options. See a staff member at the CCD too, for ideas on how to professionally approach them.

The following on-campus internships are split up into industry categories based on the responsibilities of the particular internship.

Available On-Campus Internships 

UConn also creates internships that are designed for UConn students or are with organizations that primarily take UConn students:

Architecture & Construction

Arts, Media, & A/V Technology

Business, Management, & Administration

Education & Training

Government & Public Administration

Marketing, Sales, & Communication