While your résumé may get you an interview, it is the interview that gets you the job! Whether you are interviewing for a job, internship, graduate school, or other opportunity, the key to successful preparation is a thorough understanding of the position or program and how your personal interests, skills, and values align with it. The Center for Career Development offers numerous resources to help you prepare for a successful interview.

 Practice Interviews

Make your best impression on an employer or program representative by participating in a practice interview at the Center for Career Development. We offer two different types of practice interviews: a 60-minute tailored option, and a 30-minute general option. Learn more about each below.

60-Minute Tailored Practice Interview

60-minute interview

A 60-minute tailored practice interview includes a tailored 15-20 minute interview with questions based on the opportunity you are interviewing for as well as 30-40 minutes of personalized feedback. 60-minute tailored practice interviews can be completed either in-person or via Skype. If you choose in-person, you also have the opportunity to have your interview video recorded so you can watch your own performance afterwards.

To request a 60-minute tailored practice interview, click the link in the box to the right. You will be required to upload a copy of your résumé (as a Word document or PDF), and provide information about the position/program you are interviewing for. Even if you don’t have an interview coming up, we still need you to submit information about a position/program you are interested so we can prepare accordingly. After submitting these documents, a Center for Career Development staff member will review them, approve your request, and contact you about how to schedule a time. 

Cancellation/Late Policy: If you do not show up for your 60-minute tailored practice interview and do not call before 11:59pm the previous business day to cancel or reschedule, a charge will appear on your PeopleSoft account. If you show up more than 15 minutes late, you will have the option to convert your appointment to a 30-minute general practice interview (see below for details) OR reschedule. If you choose to reschedule, you will incur a charge on your PeopleSoft account.


30-Minute General Practice Interview

A 30-minute general practice interview includes a 10-15 minute interview with general interview questions as well as 15-20 minutes of personalized feedback.

To schedule a 30-minute general practice interview, call or stop by the CCD. Weekly availability varies by semester and may include some same-day scheduling options.

Cancellation/Late Policy: If you do not show up OR you show up more than 10 minutes late for your 30-minute general practice interview and do not call before 11:59pm the previous business day to cancel or reschedule (if applicable), a charge will appear on your PeopleSoft account. If you schedule same-day, the charge will not apply.

 Interviewing Labs

The Center for Career Development offers Interviewing Labs. An Interviewing Lab is an open, 1.5-hour session that can accommodate up to 20 students at a time.

At each Interviewing Lab, there will be a brief 15-minute presentation to go over interviewing tips and strategies to start. Afterwards, there will be four stations staffed by members of the Center for Career Development staff that focus on some of the toughest aspects of interviewing that you can rotate through as desired, and you can leave when you’re done.

Check out the Center for Career Development’s Events Calendar to find out when the next Interviewing Lab will be. Registration for Interviewing Labs is not required.

 Online Interviewing Resources

The Center for Career Development Professional Interviewing Guide is a comprehensive guide about interviewing covering topics such as preparing for an interview, common interview questions, and tips to succeed. This guide can be helpful to review prior to an upcoming interview to ensure you are fully prepared.

Big Interview is a virtual interviewing website that allows you to record yourself answering various interview questions with your own webcam. Big Interview can help you prepare for a virtual interview, which are becoming more and more common. Access Big Interview by visiting and clicking “Register” in the upper right-hand corner. Be sure to use your UConn email address to create an account.

More and more interviews are breaking away from the traditional in-person, one-on-one format. The Center for Career Development also offers additional information on some non-traditional interview formats, including all-day interviews, case interviews, ethical interviewsgroup and panel interviews, and virtual interviews.

Lastly, if your interview involves an aptitude test of any kind, PracticeReasoningTests is a website that guides you through ways to prepare for these tests and provides practice opportunities. They have practice personality tests, logical reasoning, inductive reasoning, verbal reasoning, psychometric tests, and more.

 On-Campus Interviewing 

The On-Campus Interviewing program provides students (both undergraduate and graduate) an opportunity to interview with hiring companies for internship, co-op, and full-time positions. Most interviews take place at the Center for Career Development on the Storrs campus during both the fall and spring semesters but are open to all UConn students from all campuses. Individuals wishing to participate in On-Campus Interviewing can begin the process at any time during the academic year by logging in to HuskyCareerLink to see which employers are coming to campus.