Job Search

Prepare for the Job Search

Know yourself, and understand the kind of work that will be most satisfying. Identify a career that matches your interests and values. A career consultant and the resources in the Center for Career Development can help you with these beginning steps.

Create or fine-tune your résumé. You may need a cover letter as well.

Begin to utilize all your resources to locate job opportunities.

Prepare to interview.

Review our Job Search Checklist.

View NACE Job Choices magazine

Finding a Job or Internship

The Job Search
Whether you are seeking an internship or full-time employment, the best advice is to start early. When is early? It depends on the nature of the position you are pursuing. We advise meeting with a Career Counselor to discuss your personal job search timeline.

Finding positions

International Job Searching

Resources for those:

  • Seeking opportunities outside the United States
  • Looking for an organization with international ties
  • Hoping to use language skills in their career


  • Go to Internships & Co-ops and search the International Internships section in other search engines