Job Search & Networking

Whether you are seeking an internship or full-time employment, you want to begin the process by understanding and utilizing all of the resources available to you to locate opportunities. Access all of the job search resources available to you from the Center for Career Development. These resources will help you organize your search, locate opportunities, connect you to job boards and much more! Another key component to a successful job search is networking, and although for many it is intimidating, it is a skill that can be learned and improved throughout your lifetime. The tools and resources above can assist you in connecting with professionals through networking, and landing a job or internship.

Career Coaching

Identifying a career that matches your interests and values, knowing yourself and understanding the type of work that will be most satisfying to you are a few beginning steps in the job search process. A career coach can support you through every step in the process. Make an Appointment with a Career Coach.