Office of University Planning – Landscape Architecture Intern


Office of University Planning
Landscape Architecture Intern


Application Details – Period, Process & Required Materials: Due to the pandemic, this internship is not happening.
Apply between March—April;
Application is available via JobX; Online Application & Résumé
Eligible Class Standings & Minimum GPA: Open to all students with a minimum GPA of 2.00 /4.00
Credit, Compensation & Hours: The Office is open to working with academic departments to arrange credit for this internship. See guidelines for earning academic credit for your internship at; $12 – $13 per hour with hours vary depending on availability
Description of Internship Site: In support of UConn’s strategic vision, Planning Architectural & Engineering Services coordinates integrated, responsible planning for the University’s physical environment by developing, maintaining and disseminating accurate information regarding land, buildings, and space, and periodic comprehensive plans.
Internship Site Website:
Description of Internship Position: Reporting to the Director of Utilities & Energy, the Utilities & Energy Management Energy and Water Conservation Intern shall receive training in and support the professional and technical leadership conservation strategies, day-to-day oversight of an on-going energy and water conservation program, field oversight, and coordination of Energy Services Performance Contracting projects and providers. The Utilities & Energy Management Energy and Water Conservation Intern will be trained in and support high level technical assessments in support of the development and implementation of strategic initiatives and long-range plans for energy conservation projects and services. This position will develop expertise and advanced technical knowledge of energy and water, the ability to perform technical feasibility studies and assessments, manage projects and financial planning designed to deliver new monitoring and conservation programs and capital improvement projects to meet the needs of the University community.
Additional Important Details: Candidate must have experience with AutoCad, data entry, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills. Professional attire is required. Only available for landscape architecture students.
For More Information, Contact: Heather Schlink, Business Manager, Planning Architectural & Engineering Services, 31 Ledoyt Rd., ((860)486-0332 or / /