Navigating the Career Fair

Before attending the next career fair, hear the latest tips straight from employers. Recruiters from Altria, Amica, Enterprise, Farmtek, Northwestern Mutual Life, and Tallan provide an interactive discussion on the do’s and don’ts of career fair etiquette.

Discussion topics include:


What are some ways students can prepare for the career fair?


Does it matter what you wear to a career fair?


What are some of the biggest mistakes you see at a career fair?


What impresses you about a student at the career fair?


What should you do while waiting in line to speak with an employer?


What should you do if the employer’s table is over-crowded?


How does a student stand out from the group?


Is it bad for a student to visit multiple tables at a career fair?


Should I expect the employer to take my resume?


Should the student expect to be asked for their resume?


How should students follow-up with employers after a career fair?


Should a student apply to a position prior to attending the career fair?


When should a student expect to hear from an employer after a career fair?


Should a student follow-up with an employer more than once?


What should students expect to get out of attending the career fair?


As an underclassman, should I attend a career fair if I am still unsure about what I would like to do after graduation?


Additional career fair advice for UConn students