Regional Campus FYE Resume Class

Your resume is your first impression to an employer when you are applying for a potential internship or a full time job. It displays all of your academic accomplishments, leadership opportunities and work experiences. Some of you will be creating a resume for the first time, while others will be making edits to a resume you created in high school. In FYE, one of your major projects is the resume writing assignment. The goal of this assignment is to be a learning process.

For this assignment you will need to:

  1. View two short videos from the Center for Career Development.
    1. The first video shows you the resources, tips and tools offered on the CCD website.  It also outlines the services the Center for Career Development provides to all student across all campuses.
    2. The second video offers tips and suggestions on how to build your resume and shows you the appropriate layout of this important document.
  2. Next, create a draft resume utilizing what you learned about writing a resume.
  3. Participate in an in-class peer review of your resume.
  4. Finally, you will need to submit both the original draft resume (with hand written edits) and your updated resume to the instructor for grading. All of the various components of the resume writing assignment will count towards your final grade.