Become Career Ready through Community Outreach & Volunteering

A great space to enhance NACE competencies is through participating in UConn’s Community Outreach programs, volunteering through another organization or independently.  Depending upon what competencies you are looking to enhance your options for volunteer work are endless!

Examples of how students enhanced their competencies through community outreach & volunteering:

  • Ben developed his leadership competency by getting the position of “Volunteer Coordinator” for Jumpstart through UConn’s Community Outreach leadership positions page.
  • Tonya enhanced her professionalism competency by setting a goal for herself to be 10 minutes early on the days she volunteers at the local middle school.
  • Daniella gained experience within her teamwork competency participating in a Community Service Day where she worked on a team to prepare a site for a community garden.
  • Raphael worked on his technology competency and by volunteering to manage the social media presence of his local library.

Feel free to schedule a meeting with a Career Coach in the Center for Career Development or talk to another trusted faculty or staff member on campus; maybe someone you’ve already connected with around career. The entire campus community is committed to your success-all you need to do is ask!