Become Career Ready through International Experiences

These experiences can range from experiential learning opportunities for students through virtual and in-person programs domestically and globally. Students can earn credit, participate in internships, and more in their programs led by UConn’s faculty or our global partners. This can also include living in another country for a long or short period of time.

Examples of students building competencies through international experiences:

    • Anya demonstrated their leadership competency while living in a new country, by organizing weekend excursions for students living in their apartment building.
    • Omar was able to enhance his professionalism competency at his remote international internship through consistently meeting deadlines and learning about the host site’s country culture.
    • Farah highlighted her teamwork competency by collaborating with her peers and principal investigator writing a journal article with scientists from around the globe.
    • Hao applied their technological competency with translation apps when traveling to countries where they didn’t speak the local language.

Feel free to schedule a meeting with a Career Coach in the Center for Career Development or talk to another trusted faculty or staff member on campus; maybe someone you’ve already connected with around career. The entire campus community is committed to your success-all you need to do is ask!