Become Career Ready through Practica, Student Teaching, Clinicals & More

There are some academic programs that require “hands-on” work as part of the graduation requirements. Some that come to mind are teaching, school counseling, nursing, and others. These endeavors, even though required, are great for not only learning “on-the-job skills”, but for enhancing competencies as well.

Examples of how students developed or enhanced their competencies in Practica, Student Teaching, Clinicals & more:

  • You may be working with an experienced professional and building upon your communication skills or you may be learning a specific computer system for note taking or documentation to build your technology skills.
  • Since you are working in an environment where you intend to build a career, professionalism and career & self- development may also be enhanced. Remember to ask yourself questions and reflect on your experience; what do I like/not like, what are my strengths in this field, how am I interacting with co-workers, am I communicating with my students effectively, etc.

Feel free to schedule a meeting with a Career Coach in the Center for Career Development or talk to another trusted faculty or staff member on campus; maybe someone you’ve already connected with around career. The entire campus community is committed to your success-all you need to do is ask!

Do you have an example of a career-readiness competency that you have gained or enhanced? (Career & Self Development, Communication, Critical Thinking, Equity & Inclusion, Leadership, Professionalism, Teamwork, Technology)

We would love to hear your story. Please complete the Competency Intake form.

Sharing your competency development inspires other students to think about where and how they can gain competencies within and beyond UConn, and can prepare you for future interview questions when employers ask for examples about skills you have developed.