Careers for the Common Good

Exposing students to socially-responsible vocations in industries ranging from public service & non-profits, to benefit-corporations & social enterprises.


Who We Are
Inspired by UConn’s commitment to developing active global citizens, Careers for the Common Good fosters the pursuit of socially responsible career paths that positively affect the community and society at large. Careers for the Common Good is a collaborative program through the Center for Career Development, the Office of Community Outreach, and the Human Rights Institute, working to serve all students at UConn in their desire to create change through their careers.

What We Do
Careers for the Common Good aims to expose students to socially responsible vocations in industries ranging from public service and non-profits to benefit-corporations and social enterprises.  We work to bring together students and values-driven organizations who desire to create positive change in society, the environment and the world; we do this through both programming and the annual Careers for the Common Good Career Fair.

Our Team

Gabrielle Comella
Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations, Greater Hartford & Boston Region
Erin McMahon
Coordinator of Health and Social Services Community Outreach Programs, & Community Outreach Student Leader Learning
erin mcmahon web
Alexis Cortes
Graduate Assistant
Clarice Pennock
Career Intern


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