Diversity and Inclusion Resources


Undocumented Students

General info & resources for undocumented students, including job search, internships, education, and grad school.

UConn CSD – Career Resources
The Center for Students with Disabilities launched a new career resources page on their website. Check it out!
Religiously Affiliated

Professional associations, networking groups, and more resources for various faiths.


Career resources for diverse gender identities, gender expressions, and sexualities.

Students with Disabilities

Campus-based and professional resources for students with disabilities.

Veterans and Service Members

Support resources for veterans and military service members.

International Students

International student career resources for undergraduate & graduate students, and postdoc scholars.


Campus resources, job search, internships, professional associations, and more resources for women.

Racial/Ethnic Identities

Campus resources for racial/ethnic identities, professional associations, networking groups, job boards, publications, and more.