When you identify employers of interest to you, perhaps because of the work they do, positions they advertise, things they produce, or services they provide, you will also likely find jobs and internships for which you are a good fit.

Instead of solely chasing job and internship postings, which often require getting past Applicant Tracking Systems, spend more of your time doing two things:

  1. finding employers of interest;
  2. connecting with people at those companies and organizations.

It is through effective research, and engaging with others, that you will uncover jobs and internships for which you are qualified. Consider using some of these websites to get you started.

Career Coaching bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be, through a goal and action-oriented process. Meet with dedicated professionals to gain insights into resources that will be of value as you research careers and employers. Schedule an appointment.



After creating a strong profile within LinkedIn, search jobs and internships while connecting with companies of interest.