Major Exploration

Whether you have a major in mind or are exploring your options, choosing a major is a significant decision in the college student’s academic career. Depending upon your aspirations and interests, you might consider the following questions when considering a major:

  • What subjects come naturally to you, and what are you good at doing?
  • What classes do you enjoy and what do you like to study?
  • Do you want to invest time into learning about a certain subject or is it more of a curiosity?
  • What faculty or staff have you connected with?
  • Are there opportunities for research, study abroad, and co-curricular opportunities connected to the major’s curriculum?
  • What are some career possibilities for someone who majored in this subject?

Start answering these questions and learning about the majors at UConn by accessing the resources below.

Career coaching for Major Exploration
Career coaching bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be, through a goal and action-oriented process. Students meet with dedicated professionals to discuss their academic and career related plans and are empowered to make decisions to help them move forward. Make an Appointment with a Career Coach.



O*NET OnLine

A guided menu of job descriptors, industries, career clusters, in-demand industry locators and more to help you learn about career …