Cover Letter Example

This is an example of a cover letter for graduate students.

1-Page Résumé Example Master of Social Work

This is one-page example of a graduate student level résumé. Résumé style, content, and format will vary for each individual …

2-Page Résumé Example Converted from the CV

This graduate student created this résumé from a CV for a position in public history so highlighting research experience and …

Interview Resources for Graduate School Preparation

Graduate school admissions interviews come in multiple formats. The materials below can be used to prepare for various styles of …

Résumé Sample Binder
Negotiating the Job Offer
Professional Writing in the Job Application Process
Résumé Section Samples: Skills, Certifications, Qualifications & Licenses

The skills section of your résumé can be used to showcase your specialized knowledge. It is strongly recommended that all …

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

A Statement of Teaching Philosophy is a reflective document that is common in faculty job applications. Use this guide to …