A fellowship can be broadly described as a monetary award given to a student to pay for academic pursuits, often involving research. Fellowship opportunities are available domestically and internationally, across  academic disciplines.

Here are some examples of how students have been able to develop or enhance their competencies through fellowships:

  • Aayla built their career & self-development competency by arranging time with their advisor to map out a career and professional development plan focused on applying for research fellowships.
  • Qing improved their equity & inclusion competency by attending a workshop at the Center for Career Development on writing diversity statements to learn more about the strong emphasis on diversity when applying for fellowships.

If you are interested in sharing your own experience with us please email theodore.menounos@uconn.edu. Sharing your competency development inspires other students to think about where and how they can gain competencies within and beyond UConn.

Learn more about fellowship options and how to search for relevant opportunities with these resources (not an exhaustive list) 

Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships – The Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships (ONSF) advises and mentors students at the University of Connecticut who are competing for prestigious, nationally-competitive scholarships and fellowships. ONSF is part of UConn Enrichment Programs and is open to all graduate and undergraduate students at the University, including students at the regional campuses. Contact ONSF to talk with an advisor about fellowship opportunities related to your goals and interests. 

Search Resources:

  • UConn TIP Technology Innovation Fellows Program – The TIP Innovation Fellows program pairs UConn students with on-campus UConn startup companies for immersive, real-world STEM or Business research experiences.
  • ProFellowProFellow is the go-to source for information on professional and academic fellowships, created by fellows for aspiring fellows.
  • Pivot – Pivot is an online database of available funding opportunities. UConn affiliates can create a user profile  to facilitate matching with relevant opportunities and run keyword searches to identify fellowship options. The  University of Arizona has some helpful guidance on how to get started on Pivot. 
  • College Art Association of America – CAA’s Opportunities collects and publishes calls for entries and papers, conference notices, fellowship and grant opportunities, available internships, and more.
  • Connecticut Artist Fellowship Program – The Artist Fellowship Program provides recognition and funding support for Connecticut artists to pursue new work and advance their artistic careers.
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Fellowship Program – The Business Leads Fellowship Program is developing business leaders to be education and workforce champions in their community, and help better connect education systems and students to opportunity.
  • UConn Human Rights Institute – The Human Rights Institute Summer Internship Fellow Program grew out of our desire to help students find internship placements at premier human rights organizations and respected international initiatives.
  • USAID – USAID’s fellowship programs are in a variety of technical areas including global health, democracy promotion, science and technology, and gender equality and women’s empowerment.
  • American College of Healthcare Executives – The purpose of the directory is to provide students and early careerists with a list of available postgraduate administrative fellowships, and to provide a place where sponsoring organizations may promote their fellowships and increase visibility for these programs.
  • Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education – ORISE is a U.S. Department of Energy asset that is dedicated to enabling critical scientific, research, and health initiatives of the department and its laboratory system
  • National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine – The Fellowships Office administers predoctoral, postdoctoral, and senior fellowship awards on behalf of government and private/foundation sponsors.
  • Future Founders – A prestigious year-long program designed to accelerate the nation’s top young entrepreneurs and their businesses.
  • Grants.gov – A central clearinghouse of information for finding grant opportunities and applying for funding from federal government sources.

International Fellowships:

Feel free to schedule a meeting with a Career Coach in the Center for Career Development or talk to another trusted faculty or staff member on campus; maybe someone you’ve already connected with around career. The entire campus community is committed to your success-all you need to do is ask!