Exploring Common Good Career Paths

The infamous career question “what are you going to do?” is challenging to answer. So many factors playing into this question – your purpose, strengths, values, environment, connections self-reflection and exploration can help in this process! Instead of focusing on what you are going to do, you can start considering your common good path by considering what problems you would love to solve in the world. You don’t have to have your life figured out; just look at your next step. There are many ways to express yourself, your purpose and your passions in life. These are just a few areas in which you can make a difference!

Animal Welfare

Issues of vet science, applied technology for animal care, treatment and handling of animals, anti-cruelty laws and enforcement, patrol, animal as food source treatment, zoo life, animal husbandry, training animals, fishing rights and laws, aquarium management, preservation of endangered species, urban farming, bee keeping, photographing and documenting animals, protecting and preserving animal environments and migratory patterns, fundraising, writing about animal welfare…


Issues of design, performance, music, fine arts, public art, sculpture, photographic records, intellectual property standards and rights, actor rights, typeface, fonts, printing methods, art preservation, cultural institution management, ethical treatment of native arts, art curation, art sales….

Environmental Justice

Issues of creating environmental laws and enforcement, addressing health hazards, equitable distribution of environmental risks and benefits, fair and meaningful participation in environmental decision-making, recognition of community ways of life…

Financial Responsibility

Issues of government spending, economics of poverty, tax regulation and fairness, fiscal policy, private equity, accounting standards, grant spending, public trust management, foundation management, commercial banking, investments, retail, global stock market, currency issues and policies, trading, mergers & acquisitions, microfinance, corporate finance, public finance, global finance, investment banking, impacting investments, financial literacy/education, business and financial consulting….

Food Justice

Issues of sourcing and transporting food, food scarcity, food justice and security, feeding the poor, economics and policies of food access, gastronomy, farming practices, nutrition education, teaching cooking, institutional food preparation, food art/photography, farm and agriculture, fishing rights, creating engagement with other people around food, global food access and food policies….

Healthcare & Public Health

Issues of mental health, physical health, chronic illness, pediatric care, acute care, global human and animal migration, AIDS, addictive behaviors, addictions, geriatric health, nutrition, doctors, nursing, medical tech, healthcare policy, healthcare education, alternative medicine, dispensary management, psychopharmacology, pharmaceuticals, consulting, fundraising, midwifery, spiritual calling, infant mortality, women’s and girl’s global reproductive and health rights, anti-war strategies, dispute resolution, clean water, air, food access, disaster and war relief, charity….

Human Potential

Issues in education, coaching, counseling, kinesiology, performance, teaching, training, literacy, reading, reading research and policy, human capital consulting, talent acquisition, human resources, adaptive technology, educational policy, survival, pre-K literacy and education, elementary education, secondary education, higher education, Montessori and alternative education, cultural competency….

Human Rights

Issues of poverty, gender, LBGQT, civil rights, voter rights, worker rights, education and advocacy, sexual assault prevention and response, human trafficking, disability laws and regulation, immigrant rights, rights of the under-represented, prisoner rights, spirituality, religion, education for minors about legal rights, photographing and documenting humans, fundraising, writing about human rights….

International Diplomacy

Issues of national identity, commerce, microloans, NGO, arbitration, mapping, geography, geopolitics, cell technology, fiber optics, currency exchange, intellectual property and rights, boundaries, negotiation, diplomat corps, CIA press officers, embassy personnel….

Law & Public Policy

Issues of law and legal system, maritime law, civil rights law, criminal law, environmental law, family law, immigration law, international law, tax law, judging, public service, public health, child and family policy, cultural policy, economic policy and public finance, education policy, energy, environmental, and science policy, international policy, community governance….

Research & Exploration

Issues of pushing the boundaries of the known world, research in science, planetary, and space, lab tech, field recording, astronomy, geography, physics, nuclear, atomic, cell tissue policy, lab management, tissue handling, lab management, nuclear reactor management, paleontology, applied technology in scientific equipment….


Issues of alternative fuels, biofuel, thermal, agriculture, solar, wind, green technology applied to waste management, use of green technology in building, manufacturing, architecture, product design, green education, weather, battery science, de-salinization, water, electricity, conservation, recycling, upcycling, air quality, growth boundaries, food access, cultural exploration….

Technological Innovation

Issues of engineering, bioengineering, non-profit work in IT, graphic design, web design, software design/engineering, technical advising, sound mixing, video editing, technical support, invention in digital, film, sound, and light technology….

Urban Civic Engagement

Issues of housing, crime, transportation, safety, homelessness, architecture, crowding, consumption and clutter, consumerism, gardens and parks, community recreation, maps and location devices/services, evaluating choices, virtual communities, preservation of architecture, culture, and language…

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