On-Campus, Campus Partnered, & Connecticut Based Service

Here you can find resources to see how you can impact your local and non-local Connecticut community.

Alternative Spring Break *clubs do this too*
This is an opportunity to spend your fall, winter, spring, and even summer breaks with short service projects to get you engaged with communities both near and far.

MLK Day of Service
“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’” Honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision of serving people by participating in several community service events throughout a day. This event occurs every year with a different mission, and it is not limited to the service projects

UConn Community Outreach
This office prepares students to be active and engaging members of society in and out Connecticut. Both long-term and short-term service projects are offered through this office to accommodate the needs of participating students.

Service Learning
Service-learning projects are a collaboration between the UConn community and the Connecticut community in need to create a mutually beneficial experience. Direct, Indirect, and Civil Action/ Advocacy service learning are offered through this office as well as courses for service learning.

Volunteer Match
“With more volunteers and more volunteer opportunities than any other service, VolunteerMatch is how good people and good causes get connected.”