Pre-Law Resources

If you aspire to attend law school, check out these resources specifically for pre-law students.

UConn Pre-Law Advising Office
The Pre-Law Advising Office is committed to helping UConn students and alumni prepare for law school and legal careers.

American Bar Association
The American Bar Association provides tips for pre-law students on how to best prepare for law school.

American Bar Foundation
The American Bar Foundation is one of the world’s leading research institutes in law. They host events and fellowships that may be of interest to pre-law students.

FindLaw: Pre-Law Internships
FindLaw is a comprehensive source of free legal information, including advice on pre-law internships.
State by state requirements to become a lawyer.

Pre-Law Advisors National Council
The Pre-Law Advisors National Council provides resources for pre-law students and advisors including law school databases, helpful magazines and newsletters, and legal employment information. 

The Law School Admissions Council
LSAC is a not-for profit organization whose mission is to advance law and justice by encouraging diverse, talented individuals to study law and by supporting their enrollment and learning journeys from prelaw through practice.