Realworld is your comprehensive guide to life after school. We’ll walk you through the major decisions you’ll experience when you get out there (in a way you can actually understand). Built by the team at realworld, this self-paced, online program covers everything you need to know to legitimately understand a credit card offer and stay calm when someone says “401(k)”. From employer paperwork to student loans, we’ve got your back! Before you’re out there on your own, get prepared for the real world with our help!

Please note: A code is not necessary for sign in, but serves more as a secondary precaution in case you are prompted for payment when enrolling in the course. When enrolling for the first time, you should not be asked for payment if you use the provided link, click enroll now, and then create an account. If you are having difficulty and are being asked for payment, that is when you can use the code UCONN20, which can be entered upon checkout.


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