Steps to Arrange a Co-op with the Career Center

UConn Career Center Co-op Process, Policies, & Procedures

Co-op stands for Cooperative Education and references a 4-8 month work experience in lieu of attending college for one or two semesters and must cover at least one semester; experiences just for the summer are not considered a UConn Co-op. When on co-op, students can take the semester off from academics but do not need to submit for a leave of absence from the university. Specific criteria explained below.

Who Goes on Co-op?

UConn co-op is for matriculated students who have completed at least one full semester at UConn and are in good academic standing. Unless noted below, undergraduate students from all campuses work with the Career Center for co-op, except Accounting students doing the spring term co-op and students in the Engineering School. Graduate students are to reach out to Megan Petsa at the Graduate School for co-op guidance.

Does Co-op include Credit? What about Financial Aid?

Students enrolled in a co-op may only be considered for financial aid if enrolled in six billable credits.

  • For financial aid purposes, students enrolled in six credits are considered half-time and are not eligible for University Grant funds.
  • Students should contact the financial aid office at or 860-486-2819 for questions regarding financial aid eligibility.

Is there a cost for the student while on Co-op?

  • It costs $104 to be on an official UConn co-op if the student takes no classes
  • If the student registers for courses, tuition by the credit hour and fees will apply

What Makes a Position a UConn Co-op?

  • Minimum 35 hours/maximum 50 hours per week
  • Minimum length per co-op 4 months/16 weeks (must include the fall or spring semester)
  • Maximum length per co-op 8 months
  • Work must be appropriate for someone pursuing a college degree
  • Located in the US
  • Must be Paid
  • Virtual experiences are considered case by case

How Does the Student Find a Co-op Position?

  • Locate and secure an opportunity (on own or with assistance from the Career Center)
      • Use Handshake or other job boards
      • Discuss opportunities with the Career Center staff, faculty, advisors and others in your personal network

What Does the Student Do Once a Co-op has Been Offered?

  • Once an offer is received, verify its eligibility with the Career Center (unless Engineering or Accounting)
  • Send email to
    • Include the offer letter and description in the email
  • After co-op is initially approved by the Co-op Coordinator, documentation stating the following must be submitted to the Career Center via email, to facilitate the process
    • Signed offer letter on letterhead or direct email from offering party
      • Start date and end date
      • Salary
      • Hours per week
      • Supervisor name and contact information (email, phone number)
      • Hours if role changes due to extenuating circumstances
    • Position description
    • Explanation of how the co-op will match the student’s major and/or career aspirations
    • Current transcript (confirms student is in good academic standing)
    • Résumé used to acquire the co-op

How Does the Student Register for a UConn Co-op?

  • Co-op registration ideally occurs prior to the end of an academic semester/before tuition is due
        • Students have until add/drop to finalize co-op
        • Students MUST enroll and STAY ENROLLED in courses for the term they are going on co-op to avoid being withdrawn by the University for non-student status
        • The Co-op Coordinator manages the registration process for the student’s co-op enrollment along with the Registrar’s Office
            • This includes reviewing the co-op registration form, information sheet, expectation agreement forms, and the Learning Objectives with the student
            • Students work with Health Center (medical insurance), Housing, and Financial Aid directly to address individual needs
                • Housing may be an option while a student is on a UConn Co-op
        • Once the Career Center paperwork is complete, and the Registrar’s Office receives the Co-op Registration form, the Registrar’s Office removes the student from their classes
        • Students must pay the co-op registration fees prior to deadlines to avoid late fees
        • It is recommended that the student check student admin/PeopleSoft daily upon hearing from the Co-op Coordinator that their paperwork was submitted to the Registrar’s Office, as the student may not receive any notification of the new financial statement

What Does the Student Have to do for UConn while on UConn Co-op?

  • Requirements and Paperwork – submitted through HuskyCT on a determined schedule
        • Two Learning Expectation Agreements (one with UConn, one with the employer)
        • Learning Objectives and Co-op Information Documents
        • Work Environment Checklist and a Work Culture Questionnaire
        • Be available for a mid-semester check in with a member of the co-op team
        • Complete and submit final evaluations (provided by the Career Center)
        • Submit an updated résumé at end of co-op
        • Submit a final reflection paper about the experience following provided prompts
  • Professional Development
        • Take advantage of professional development opportunities offered by the employer/site
        • Seek out mentors for advice and support

What UConn Rules and Regulations Must a Student Follow While on Co-op?

  • Student Code of Conduct Rules in Place
        • As the UConn Co-op student is considered a Registered student, all UConn polices and rules are in effect
        • If a UConn Co-op student does not follow the University rules while on co-op, that student may be addressed by the UConn Conduct Office and/or withdrawn from the Co-op Program and ultimately the University as well
  • Failure to abide by the rules outlined in the Cooperative Education Expectation Agreement may result in dismissal from the program. Dismissal will be determined at the discretion of the Center for Career Development.
  • In the event that a student is removed from the Cooperative Education program by the employer/site or that a student makes a unilateral decision to drop out of the program, the student may lose full-time student status at the University. In order to be readmitted to the University, the student must reapply through the Dean of Student’s Office.

Questions at any time
Send a message to the career center co-op team: