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25 Years of Combating Religious Prejudice. At Tanenbaum, we promote mutual respect with practical programs that bridge religious difference and combat prejudice in areas of armed conflict, schools, workplaces, and health care settings. Despite its potential to divide us, religion need not – and should not – be a source of division. Every day, Tanenbaum creates the tools that reduce religious conflict and help build a more inclusive, peaceful world. We reduce bullying by training teachers how to positively address cultural diversity and teaching students how to embrace each others differences. Patients receive better care because we train doctors and other health care providers how to address religious issues and recognize the impact of religiosity on medical decisions. We are a preeminent thought leader on religious diversity in the workplace, advising corporate managers on how to appropriately deal with difficult topics. And Tanenbaum facilitates and supports a network of international grassroots activists who risk their lives and liberties for peace.

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