Post-Graduate Volunteer & Fellowship Opportunities

Review a list of post-graduate volunteer & fellowship opportunities in Common Good.

Accelerate Institute (Inner-City Teaching Corps)

Teach in Chicago for two year placement as a Corps member.

AIF Clinton Fellowship for Service

Serve with Indian non-governmental organizations for 10 months. Work on public health, education, and livelihood projects. Receive insurance and monthly stipend.

Amate House

Volunteers volunteer and live in Chicago working with youth for 10 months. Receive monthly stipend and living expenses are covered.

American Jewish World Service

Serve for 3-12 months in the Volunteer Corps addressing global issues. Volunteers pay for housing, visa, and health insurance.


Serve for 10-12 months in programs designed to meet critical needs of communities throughout the nation. Most volunteer receive stipend and AmeriCorps Education Award.


Amizade Global Service Learning provides individuals or groups with a volunteer placement at a community organization in locations around the world. Amizade promotes service and global connections through service opportunities ranging from two weeks to six months.

AYC: Ameson Year in China

AYC is designed for college educated, open-minded people seeking to expand their horizons and enhance their careers. AYC participants will be assigned to schools as English teachers in China for one-year.

Blue Engine

Work as a Teaching Assistant Fellow with Blue Engine! Fellows work in high schools in New York City to collaborate with teachers to prepare students for college.

Boston Teacher Residency

Boston Teacher Residency (BTR) is a master’s program in education that recruits talented, committed individuals of all ages and gives them the tools they need to make an immediate impact in the classrooms of the Boston Public Schools (BPS).

Boys Hope/Girls Hope

Serve children in need for one year as an Academic Success Corps Member to live and work with youth.


Volunteer or work abroad for 8 weeks to 12 month.

Camphill Soltane

Work for 1 year at residential community for individuals with special needs. Receive monthly stipend, room, board, and medical insurance. May qualify for AmeriCorps Education Award.

CHCI Public Policy Fellowship

Program for Latinos to work for 2 years in public policy placements. Monthly stipend for fellows.

Citizen Schools

Serve as after-school teacher using project-based curricula for middle school students in schools across the country for 10 weeks.

City Hall Fellows

Work in city office for 1 year on municipal projects and engage in service. Receive stipend.

City on a Hill CORPS

Work as tutor and mentor for inner-city students for 1 year in the CoaHCORPS. Receive stipend and health benefits.

City on a Hill Urban Teaching Fellow

Get trained and certified to teach in 1 year program in which fellows teach in an urban high school. Fellows agree to teach in urban high school for 2 years after fellowship. Receive stipend and health benefits.

City Year

Serve for one year in schools across the country with fellow Corps members. Receive modest stipend and education award.

Congressional Hunger Center

Offers fellowships for 11 month program to fight hunger at local level across the country.

Connecticut Campus Compact

Become an AmeriCorps VISTA member for this CT program. Corps members create sustainable programs on college campuses to make an impact on the local community.

Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Work as intern or volunteer on environmental and conservation issues gaining valuable skills and training. Interns receive stipend.

Council on International Educational Exchange

Teach abroad for 8-12 months in countries around the world to teach English. Fee for program and housing. Receive stipend for service.

DC Teaching Fellows

Teach in Washington, D.C. as a fellow. Attend fast-track certification program and earn teacher salary.

Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center

Serve as Professional Naturalist Fellow for 10 month period by educating a variety of audiences about the environment. Receive stipend.

Easter Seals

Focused on helping people with disabilities to gain greater independence. Locations are across the country and include full and part time positions, as well as some AmeriCorps opportunities also.

Emerging Leaders Program at CDC

Intern with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for 2 years. Earn federal service salary.

Environmental Careers Program

Work for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for 2 years. Earn federal salary.

Environmental Defense Fund

Intern or serve as a fellow in environmental advocacy positions. Positions range from 2-12 months and are paid and unpaid.

Friends of the Orphans International Volunteer Program

Help the children and staff of orphanages in other countries for a 12 month period. Volunteers serve as childcare workers and social support staff. Pay for travel. Receive stipend, room, and board.

Ghana Health and Education Initiative

Volunteer for approximately 2 weeks for a Serve and Learn program working on education and health initiatives. Fundraising fee for program of $1800. Paid room and board.

Global Health Corps

Serve as a fellow in US or abroad for 1 year. Work in placements focused on a variety of health issues. Receive stipends to cover most costs.

Global Routes

Volunteer for 3-12 months in a developing country teaching English, participating in community service projects, or working in a medical internship. Fee for program.

Global Service Corps

Volunteer for 2-13 weeks in Cambodia, Tanzania, or Thailand to support health, education, and community development initiatives. Fee for program covers food and lodging.

Global Vision International (GVI)

Volunteer abroad for 1 week- 2 years by contributing to conservation initiatives and community projects. Fee for program.

Global Volunteers

Spend 1-24 weeks in developing nation to help villages. Program fee covers food, lodging and materials.

Green Corps

Work in Field School for Environmental Organizing for one year in a paid training program to work with environmental groups.


Volunteer on expeditions to a variety of countries focusing on environmental, educational, and medical activities. Programs range from 1 week-1 year. Program fee pays for housing and food.

Greenlining Institute

Work on issues such as health policy and community development in intern or fellow positions.

Habitat for Humanity International

Serve in International Volunteer Program for 6-48 months in countries working on housing projects. Volunteers may pay for housing or food, fees depend on program.

Heifer International

Volunteer in US learning centers to run educational program to promote issues of world hunger. Receive stipend and housing.

Institute for Womens Policy Research

Work on research projects focused on issues related to the policy needs of women. Internships and fellowships are available with stipends.

Island Fellows

Island Fellows work on community identified project areas including education, marine conservation, community planning, elder care and public health, non-profit management, sustainable agriculture, technology support, and economic development.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Volunteer serve domestic or abroad for 1-2 years in a variety of fields. Living expenses are covered. Volunteers must fundraise.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest

Volunteers serve for 1 year in the Northwest US on various projects. Living expenses are covered and corps members receive monthly stipend and AmeriCorps Education Award.

Learning Enterprises

Volunteer across the globe teaching English for about 6 weeks. Program provides food and lodging. Volunteers pay for airfare and orientation.

Lutheran Volunteer Corps

Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC) unites full-time stipended Volunteers with financial supporters, non-profit organizations and ministries to work for peace with justice across the nation for a one-year period. LVC Volunteers provide direct service, community organizing, indirect service, advocacy and public policy.

Manna Project International

Volunteer for 1 week-13 months as a volunteer or Program Director to work on community projects with fellow volunteers. Volunteers must fundraise to pay for program.


Work for one year with groups of students in Boston providing academic support and building relationships. Corps members receive housing and stipend.

Mercy Volunteer Corps

Volunteer for one to two years in education, health care, and social services fields in U.S. and South America. Volunteers receive housing and living stipend.

National Health Corps

AmeriCorps program focused on reducing disparities, providing health education, and developing future leaders in health care and policy in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago and northern Florida.

New Sector Residency in Social Enterprise (RISE)

Residents work in Boston or San Francisco at nonprofit organizations for a year contributing to capacity building projects. Residents receive stipend, health care, and AmeriCorps education award.

New York City Urban Fellows

Work at an agency in New York City focusing on public policy for 9 months. Attend workshops to understand the structure of the NYC government and meet policy makers. Receive stipend and health insurance.

Peace Corps

Volunteer and live overseas for 27 months across the globe. Work in program areas such as education, community development, health, environment, and business and communications technology. Volunteers receive some loan deferment, transition funds, free travel, and a monthly stipend.

Public Allies

Allies serve for 10-months in paid apprenticeships at local nonprofits with a diverse group of peers.

Public Health Associate Program

Work for Center for Disease Control for 2 years in paid position. Assignments are focused on public health service.

Red Cloud Volunteers

Volunteer in one of three schools on reservation for 1 year. Receive room, board, health insurance, and travel stipend.

Student Conservation Association

Serve in Conservation Corps for 3-10 months working on environmental issues across the country; Paid room and board and weekly subsistence stipend.

Teach for America

Work as a teacher for two years in one of 39 urban and rural regions across the country. Receive training and support to help you lead your students. AmeriCorps members receive education award, loan forbearance, and salary.

Teach for China

Teach low-income children in China for 2 years. Receive stipend, accommodations, and medical insurance.

The Haitian Project

Teach in Haiti for one academic year at a Catholic boarding school for grades 7-13. Volunteers work to strengthen community. Receive monthly stipend, housing, health insurance reimbursement. Need to fundraise for project.

Unite for Sight

Volunteer in Global Impact Corps working on global health initiatives.

University of Georgia Marine Education Center

Marine Education Interns work for a year after graduation on marine education projects. Receive hourly salary and housing

Urban Teacher Center

UTC is a four-year, alternative teacher preparation program that operates in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland. Each cohort participates in an intensive year-long residency, followed by a three-year teaching commitment in a high-need urban elementary, middle or high school.

Volunteers for Peace, Inc.

Volunteers work with programs internationally on a variety of projects to promote citizen diplomacy. Pay $300 registration fee plus transportation, some programs have additional fees.

Volunteer World

A a one-stop resource for volunteer abroad opportunities.

Working Boys Center

Teach in Ecuador for 1-2 years. Volunteers must speak Spanish. Room and board are covered, but volunteers must pay for health insurance and travel.


Teach abroad for 6-12 months and live with host community. Receive living allowance and pay volunteer commitment to cover training, medical insurance, and travel.

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