For current students and recent graduates, the résumé is typically a one-page document that highlights educational background, experiences, accomplishments, skills, and interests. This length could vary depending on the industry and depth of your experiences, so knowing expectations within your field is critical for résumé success. It is important to use appropriate phrasing in your résumé, emphasizing the keywords stated in the job description in relation to the skills and accomplishments you have decided to highlight. Ultimately, your résumé is a guide and marketing tool about you and your abilities.

Career Coaching

If you are an Undergraduate Student and would like to have a resume reviewed, you may set up an appointment for a 30-minute Career Coaching Appointment through HuskyCareerLink.

If you are an Alum, you may set up an appointment with a Career Coach, please call the Center for Career Development at 860-486-3013 to understand what services are available and how those services can be accessed. The Center for Career Development can provide full services to Alumni who graduated within the previous three years. If you graduated more than three years ago, call the office between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM weekdays to learn what services are available.