UCTV – Department-Wide Intern

Department-Wide Intern


Application Details – Period, Process & Required Materials: Year-Round; To apply, submit required application materials including Résumé, Cover Letter & Unofficial Transcript to Josh Malboeuf. (see below for contact information)
Eligible Class Standings & Minimum GPA: All Undergraduate Student with minimum GPA of 2.00/4.00
Credit, Compensation & Hours: University of Connecticut Student Television is open to working with academic departments to arrange credit for this internship. Please see guidelines for earning academic credit for your internship https://career.uconn.edu.; Unpaid; Minimum of 10 hours per week
Description of Internship Site: University of Connecticut Student Television (UCTV) is the University of Connecticut’s only television station and it is completely run by students. UCTV provides local news, sports, and entertainment for students. The television station provides experience for students who are interested in going into television whether as a writer, editor, director, or producer.
Internship Site Website: http://uctv.uconn.edu/get-involved/
Description of Internship Position: The UCTV intern is responsible for assisting the departments Marketing, Entertainment, UCSPAN, Human Relations, Entertainment, News and/or Sports. The intern will do a variety of work for each department within UCTV. This could include work behind the scenes during broadcasts for News and Sports, filming and editing, training new members, as well as helping to organize at least two events for Marketing. From this, one will gain experience in production, filming, editing, event planning, as well as working in a fast-paced environment. No experience is necessary, because the internship will being with a training process at UCTV through the Human Relations Department.
Additional Important Details: Open to all majors
For More Information, Contact: Josh Malboeuf, Human Relations Director, UCTV, Student Union 409, (860) 486-1000 or humanrelations@uctv.uconn.edu


https://career.uconn.edu/internships-and-coops/ / internships@uconn.edu / careercoop@uconn.edu