Advice & Perspective: How Advocating For Myself Advanced My Career

Advocating for yourself and your career development is a valuable skill. It’s also one that can be intimidating and takes practice. Hear from Ebun Ojekunle ’14 (CLAS), a UConn alum who successfully advocated for an opportunity to learn a new skill in her previous role, which led to her landing the job she has today.

Ebun is a Chemistry grad who now works as an Analytical Scientist in drug safety R&D at Pfizer and has a number of years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. Although she has a role she enjoys and clear career direction now, there were times in earlier years where Ebun wasn’t sure what her interests or next steps were; during our conversation, Ebun shares how she navigated those times and how she recently used her advocacy skills to secure a professional mentor who has been instrumental in helping her think about next steps in her career journey.